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For no apparent reason, I rarely tune into rock bands in French. And I really should. Otherwise, I would miss solid, straightforward bands like Montreal’s Les Breastfeeders. “400 milles” is their first single from their new album "Dans la gueule des jours". It sounds good to me: tight rhythm section, good riffs and nice vibe […]

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Toronto’s Drake Hotel (not owned by the hip-hop artist going under the same name) was a very busy place yesterday. People behind Canada’s Polaris Music Prize have revealed the long list of candidates for 2010, 40 names in total. It is interesting to see geographical distribution. As shown on the graph below, Toronto remains the […]

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Do you have a record label? Yes, really: do you have one? No? Why not, if I may ask? What are you waiting for? Ellen DeGeneres has just started eleveneleven ( I hope I spelled this one right). “American Idol” judge and talk-show host described that she felt “inspired” so why wouldn’t you be feeling […]

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“Fake tagging” -Last time I checked, there wasn’t a Wikipedia entry for this yet, but I find a habit of some people to tag you on their Facebook  content (pics, video…) that has notihing to do with you, in order to get your attention a bit annoying.   Would this be OK in real life? Well, imagine  […]

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