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I’ve just stumbled upon this creative little video. It really makes you think. How many different ways of doing things are out there? Or how often we settle for less-than-inspiring, “just get it done” solutions. Can your turntable do this?

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I have a dirty little secret: I enjoy reading rules & regulations of various music contests. Weird, I know. But it can be sooo much fun! The latest example: Whisky Rocks, a music competition sponsored by LCBO,  the Ontario’s government’s liquor monopoly, and one of the world’s largest buyers of alcohol products. It is a […]

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It’s not that you haven’t noticed. The intro starts, a few shout outs, then the beat. And then, it happens: here’s the rap, usually high on attitude and low on content; It is generally accepted that “hip hop revolved around a culture of protest and freedom of expression in the wake of oppression suffered by […]

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If you are a blogger like me, you must be wondering sometimes how your website looks in your visitors eyes. As more and more people are using mobile devices to access the web, it is becoming increasingly important to make sure that your nice looking website stands up to the test and keep a neat […]

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