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With all the advancement of the music technology and all those editing tolls & toys at our disposal in a studio, it is easy to forget about that special “something” that happens when music is performed live. One of the reasons why so many classic music tracks from the late 50s & 60s remain popular, […]

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Inspiration is like the most unpredictable lover: you never know when she/he is going to appear and how long she/he is going to stay, but you deeply enjoy every moment  she/he spends with you. This just occurred to me, after helplessly trying for two days to finish new track. Inspiration just came from nowhere, and […]

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I have stumbled across this sentence while searching Brendan’s blog for some information on Kontakt sampler and sounds: “If you want to write a good song, write five songs, pick the best one, and don’t tell anyone about the other four.” I know I will be coming back to it often, especially  while developing new […]

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