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A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and I couldn’t agree more. Creative people on Virtual Music website have come up with a very visual way to illustrate size and popularity of the larges music websites based on estimated traffic data. Website with the positive 2010 growth are marked green, and those in […]

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These days there is certainly no shortage of online references and tutorials for music theory. Yet, this innovative format offered by adds a new level of convenience. Beginners Piano Chord Guide The downside is that you  can’t find any more excuses for not knowing all the notes in that chord you need for your […]

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If you’re a guitarist, like me, then you’ve been there before: you’re in a music store, looking at dozens of various FX pedals, wondering about their actual sounds, especially in different combinations and setups. Potential, seems, endless, but there is never enough time to actually try them all. Well, now there is a little bit […]

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