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A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and I couldn’t agree more. Creative people on Virtual Music website have come up with a very visual way to illustrate size and popularity of the larges music websites based on estimated traffic data. Website with the positive 2010 growth are marked green, and those in […]

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Shocked by the recent statistics showing that only 2.1% of the 97,751 albums released in 2009 reached a 5,000 sales threshold, I started wondering if we have reached the bottom yet. So I have asked this question in Music & Entertainment Professionals group on Linkedin, and the response was overwhelming. Close to 30 replies (some […]

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As I was reading today’s article on LimeWire in Billboard Magazine, titled “Think About This – Limewire’s Annual Income” one piece of information really hit me hard. Apparently, even though they have around 20 million users in a high-margin business (LimeWire charges $34.95 for its Pro version; they sell access to other people’s creations without […]

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In the UK for the past ten years, apparently, you’ve been able to hear Madonna singing wherever you go.  As reported by Billboard Magazine earlier today, “The People’s Artist Chart, which aired on Radio 2, counted down the top 50 most played acts from 2000 to the end of 2009, as compiled by recorded music […]

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