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Guys at have some pretty sweet deals going on right now. One that caught my attention is Piano Collection 2 for SampleTank soft ROM-pler. Over 680MB of sounds, from the classic grand pianos in style of Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai to cool classics like Rhodes and Wurly, the collection is diverse and, to my […]

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Nothing spells summertime better than the outdoors concert circuit. Live venues, large and small, crowds eager to beat the haze and have fun – how can you say “no” to that? Talk about the perfect timing: I just got Zoom G3 (amp sim &  multi FX box) last week, so the gig this past Friday […]

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This would be an equivalent of an “easy” button for guitar folks: you just sit, press the button once, and your guitar tunes itself.  And this is not a dream or one of those Internet hoaxes. Gibson has recently introduced this gizmo for all of us who would rather play then do the chores. It’s […]

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