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Finally, I have found a little bit of time to get up to speed with the very powerful music tool I  have recently purchased, Yellow Tools’ Independence Pro. It is a sampler, arranger, sequencer, mixer, mastering box and what else not… Even though I had used the free demo version (highly recommended, comes with 2GB-worth […]

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It’s All About Song!

27, Jul 2010

Looking at the recent songs across different genres, it seems that far too often people get so focused on production side of things (coolest sounds, special FX, massively compressed, extreme energy mastering, etc.) that the song itself somehow disappears. Digital studios make it just too easy to get carried away with all music technology gizmos. […]

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Following the steps of, guys at Production Advice in the UK have started a great initiative to have March 20 as Dynamic Range day. “What would that be?”, you might ask. Well, remember how good and pleasant records used to sound? And you used to enjoy listening to them for hours without ear fatigue? […]

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You really can’t expect too much for fifteen buck these days… This is especially true when it comes to a specialized music software. With this in mind, I was more than surprised yesterday to see that is offering IK Multimedia’s well known guitar amp/cabinet/stomp box emulation software AmpliTube Live 2.0 for exactly $15 USD. […]

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