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From The Stage

3, Apr 2010

As much as I enjoy creative possibilities of studio work, with all the latest sequencers, samples, DAWs, plugins, virtual instruments and all other gizmos, nothing compares to the excitement of live performance. A short clip from the sound check during the last week’s gig at Las Brisas club in Toronto. My good old Epiphone Nighthawk […]

Last night’s gig at Las Brisas Del Mar club in Toronto was yet another great example that good things happen when the right chemistry kicks in between audience and performers. Marcos Mendosa, Stacey Bulmer, Nico & yours truly enjoyed the gig a lot, and judging by the video, the crowd had just as good time… […]

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Even though I’ve been spending too much time lately on computer-based music production, my inner guitarist woke up and jumped into the latest project with Marcos Mendosa. Hip-hop is not known for abundance of guitar parts, so I had to subdue my urge for that “look at me, people” screaming solo and fit into the […]

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With all the advancement of the music technology and all those editing tolls & toys at our disposal in a studio, it is easy to forget about that special “something” that happens when music is performed live. One of the reasons why so many classic music tracks from the late 50s & 60s remain popular, […]

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