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This would be an equivalent of an “easy” button for guitar folks: you just sit, press the button once, and your guitar tunes itself.  And this is not a dream or one of those Internet hoaxes. Gibson has recently introduced this gizmo for all of us who would rather play then do the chores. It’s […]

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Even though I’ve been spending too much time lately on computer-based music production, my inner guitarist woke up and jumped into the latest project with Marcos Mendosa. Hip-hop is not known for abundance of guitar parts, so I had to subdue my urge for that “look at me, people” screaming solo and fit into the […]

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Playing guitar? Ever bought a set of strings? Well, in that case you have been there before: standing in a music store and staring at a wall of different brands and models of guitar strings, wondering about their sound, quality and feel. Choice seems almost endless, right? This shouldn’t really surprise you, but practice of  […]

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