Want Something For Almost Nothing? Try SampleTank Piano Collection 2

21 Nov

Guys at esoundz.com have some pretty sweet deals going on right now. One that caught my attention is Piano Collection 2 for SampleTank soft ROM-pler. Over 680MB of sounds, from the classic grand pianos in style of Steinway, Yamaha and Kawai to cool classics like Rhodes and Wurly, the collection is diverse and, to my ears, inspiring.  
SampleTank – Piano Collection 2 by musicline

At only $11 (yes, you read that right – eleven bucks!) it’s really hard to argue about it’s value. But, don’t take my word for it: here’s a little sampler I’ve put together of just a couple of sounds, playing a casual bluesey improv.

UPDATE March 25, 2012: The deal is on again, and this time it is only $10 dollars.

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