How Low Can You Go?

18 Jun
So, you have just written a very cool, retro sounding, Barry White-on-steroids macho oh-i-love-you-sooooo-much ballad, and now you need that massive, deep voice to sing the masterpiece for you? Who you gonna call?  The Ghostbusters? No, not them.
Your man is Roger Menees, a former gospel singer and coach driver for gospel and rock musicians from Indiana. And this Roger is no Roger The Rabbit by any stretch of imagination. Mr. Menees has just received an official certificate from Guinness World Records for the lowest note ever produced by a human voice.
How low? Very low: 0.393 hertz – which translates to a very low F-sharp. Just in case you were wondering, the previous record was 0.797 hertz. If you get to hire Roger’s  amazing voice for your next studio recording session, you will very likely need a top-notch audio equipment to actually record and reproduce the sound. And then, you’ll need to be a very gifted to actually hear it, as the most of us could hear anything below 20Hz anyway.
Still, wouldn’t it be a kind of cool to have a Guinness World Record holder on your song credits?

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