Dynamic Range Day: Let’s Stop The Loudness War

11 Mar

Following the steps of Dynamicrange.de, guys at Production Advice in the UK have started a great initiative to have March 20 as Dynamic Range day. “What would that be?”, you might ask.

Well, remember how good and pleasant records used to sound? And you used to enjoy listening to them for hours without ear fatigue? Things have changed. New popular recordings, for the most part, suffer from over-compression, in order to make the sound louder. There is a very nice illustration of this here.

As mentioned by Pleasurize Music Foundation: “We are not surprised by the fact that music listeners are losing the willingness to legally acquire music, because of the fact that contemporary releases are mercilessly over-compressed* – a situation that turns off even the biggest music fans. For example, no natural dynamic can be heard in recent CD releases from groups such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers (for example: Stadium Arcadium). The masterful drum performance by the drummer in the band Garbage (Bleed Like Me) is totally distorted. Madonna’s Hard Candy generates aggression and leads to distortion when played on disco sound systems. With Metallica (Death Magnetic), the level meter needle permanently sits in the red range.”

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