Kontakt Player: Not So Free, After All

10 Jan

The holiday parties are mostly over, but the hangover from using some of music freebies I mentioned in my earlier posts is hanging in.

Namely, Native Instruments claim that Kontakt Player, “can be easily expanded with 3rd party KONTAKT PLAYER libraries and NI’s own growing range of innovative instruments “Powered by KONTAKT”. Yet numerous users, including yours truly have experienced “DEMO TIMED OUT” even for commercially purchased libraries and those provided by NI !?!

After wasting several hours trying to figure out the issue with Kontakt Player, I’ve sent/posted my question to both Technical Support and NI Forum. Apparently, I’m not alone: Within days, this ambiguous and unclear advertising has prompted users to post comments like this:

“Regardless of what the NI policy is about which samples can and cannot be played in Player, the thing I find discouraging is that it’s all just so hard to get at the truth of the matter.  It’s communicated badly and in an unnecessarily confusing manner.  It does not make me keen to join the NI community by buying the real thing.  I’ve lost a lot of time to NI so far just on their freebie and don’t fancy losing much more.
…  It’s disappointing to think some people have shelled out cash thinking the samples they were buying would play in the Player — only to discover, nope, out of luck.  I too would have thought many NI samples would work and might have made the same mistake.  Please just tell us the whole Kontakt Player story in full in unambiguous prose and put it all in perspective. “

Read full comment & discussion on the NI Forum.

Native Instruments is yet to respond in a meaningful manner. I’ll keep you posted on this. Just another proof that not all freebies are created same.

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