Christmas Freebie #3: Get Symphonic

23 Dec

Freebies for computer-based music producers / songwriters / composers keep pouring in this holiday season, and I’m not complaining! This one could be one the most anticipated music production software freebie yet. Sounds Online, who established themselves with EastWest/Quantum Leap series of virtual instruments as de facto standard in Hollywood movie soundtrack have just sent out an email offering a free version of their legendary Symphonic Orchestra in exchange for a quick survey.

It really doesn’t take more than five minutes to do it, as I can confirm. Once you provide a valid email address, you’ll receive a message with the link to the download page. The free version does not expire and is upgradable, so “sky is the limit”.  The total download (split in three parts) is well over 1GB, so having a high speed connection is a must.

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